Starbright Jewellery

Starbright Jewellery

Made In SA ❤

Starbright Girl is Megan-Jayne McFall, a qualified Jewellery Designer (B-Tech Degree in Jewellery Design & Manufacture), who is originally from Durban, but is now based in Cape Town, South Africa. Her jewellery is designed to show off love of specific things - the country you live in, the beauty around you, your favourite animal...  Each piece is designed on a computer, using photographic reference to detail as accurate as possible. She designs in a vector-based program, enabling her to easily  re-size & alter when necessary. Each item of Starbright Jewellery is made entirely by hand except for chains, they are bought in - Note there is no lasercutting involved. Megan believes in creating beautiful hand-crafted keepsakes, & aims to achieve the best quality possible. 

Jewellery Care: Tarnishing is accelerated by perfume, chlorine & ocean air, it is suggested that items be removed kept in a sealed container when not being worn. Sterling silver will unfortunately eventually tarnish but can be easily cleaned with a polishing cloth. Jewellery cleaning solutions are not advised. For a quick natural clean: Place a piece of tin foil & some bicarbonate of soda into a plastic bowl. Put jewellery in, & pour freshly boiled water over it. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse with cold water. Repeat if necessary - Not recommended for costume jewellery

Shipping: If stock is available, on hand - Delivery should be within 3 - 5 working days. If stock is not on hand -  Allow 1 week for manufacture on top of delivery. As each item is handmade, it does take a little longer. 

Special Note On Repairs: If a repair is needed, due to a manufacturing fault, it will gladly be repaired. Please note that courier costs are for the customer's account. Unfortunately, chains cannot be guaranteed, as they are bought in. If a replacement chain is needed, please contact us on, and one can be organised for you. A 45cm sterling silver chain would be R120.

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