Healthy Coffee Guy

Healthy Coffee Guy

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Coffee: It gets the Central Nervous System firing, it contains Antioxidants & has a Rich, Comforting Taste & Smell. 

The Healthy Coffee Guy offers an Enhanced Coffee that will make you feel more alert, improve your cognitive functioning, and physical performance.  It also helps to Improve your overall health & well-being and decrease some of the Side Effects of Caffeine. The Healthy Coffee Guy has formulated delicious, affordable & effectively dosed enhanced blends that give you so much more than your usual cups of coffee.  Healthy Coffee Guy formultated Africa's First CBD Coffee

*  Adaptogens                              *   A/AA Grade Premium Beans

*  Nootropics                                *  Organically Grown

*  Hemp/Cannabis CBD              *  Fair Trade Certified

*  Medicinal Mushrooms

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What are Nootropics and adaptogens?  They are cognitive enhancing supplements that improve the executive functions of your mind such as motivation, memory & creativity. Many studies show that they also have significant physical performance & health benefits. The most effective nootropics and adaptogens have been added to the blends to give you all-round better performance & the help improve overall health & wellbeing.

What is CBD & why in coffee? CBD is one of the most effective supplemental/'medicinal' extracts that can be extracted from Hemp/Cannabis - it is commonly used to ease pain, inflammation, anxiety & various other concerns, or as a preventative measure against them. 99.99% pure Cannabidiol (CBD) from a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified lab & the latest proprietary method of infusion to infuse our organically grown coffee with this “medicinal” hemp/cannabis extract has been used. Both of these things improve mood & serotonin levels & have antioxidant properties. The caffeine + CBD combination stimulates a calmer, jitter-free & more focussed energy when compared to normal coffee, alongside an effective dose of CBD. Our CBD Coffee blend is lab tested and does not contain the psychoactive THC molecule so you will not feel “high”.

How should the coffee be stored?  It is recommended you store it at room temperature, away from sunlight & zip sealed.  The bags use a one-way valve which allows the natural CO2 emitted by the grounds to escape the bag, while not allowing additional oxygen in, and thus slow down the natural oxidative processes that typically ruin coffee.

What beans are used? Arabica Caturra

What are the white specs in the coffee? That would be L-theanine which is water soluble & will dissolve immediately once hot water is added to your coffee.

Are the products organic? The Healthy Coffee products are not certified organic but are grown using organic practices without the use of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or fungicides & are rain forest alliance certified.

Are the Nootropics used in your products illegal preformance-enhancing drugs?  Nootropics are derived from natural ingredients and are on the Generally Regarded As Safe list (GRAS).

Does the coffee contain Mycotoxins? The beans used, beans are sourced from premium suppliers who discard any undesirable crop & who use wet processing to eliminate mold & toxins - & then the roasting process ensures our coffee further free from them. The negative effect of mycotoxins has been proven to be vastly over exaggerated by some coffee companies as even having 4 cups of average coffee per day only contains around 2% of the daily recommended maximum of the concerning ochratoxin A mycotoxin.

Does a coffee filter eliminate the Noortropics?  Filters are not effective at removing the active ingredients meaning they get from the blend & to your body.

How much can I have per day?  It is recommended that you do not go over 500mg of caffeine per day & therefore do not recommend more than 5 servings of the Focus, Mushroom or CBD blends per day.  it is not recommended more than 5 servings of the Calm blend.

What type of grind size is used for the coffee? Plunger/Filter grind for Focus, Mushroom, Calm and CBD but CBD is also available in whole beans or espresso grinds.

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