Malindi Lilly

Malindi Lilly

A concept that came about while on holiday, on a sunny beach in Malindi, Kenya. From being shown how to make a batch of hand made cold process soap, to realising the dream of making hand crafted product with love & care, come true.  Malindi Lilly was born...

There is a deep feeling of satisfaction in making something tangible from scratch. The are endless possibilities with soap. Ranging from the simpler, more therapeutic ones, to the fun & colourful. So many different techniques, designs, & ingredients to try.

Malindi Lilly holds a strong family connection.  A husband which has been supportive by ensuring the tools & resources needed to up the game were provided, & seeing this as larger than just a hobby. A very creative & enthusiastic father, has had the soap making bug bite him hard as well. He brings a delicate sense of design & colour to the soaps he makes.

Malindi Lilly hopes you get as much pleasure using their soaps as they do making them.

Delivery: Johannesburg: 2 - 3 working days / Metropolitan: 4 - 5 working days / Outlying: 5 - 6 working days

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